When ministering in churches, Rev. R. Elliott Merskin normally teaches, preaches, and demonstrates God’s presence in the lives of the believer to live life here on earth as it is in heaven with encouraging and spirit-filled messages directly from the Word of God. Knowing who we are in Christ and what is available to us now, is imperative in fostering true revival and growth of God’s kingdom.


SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES AND OUTREACHES: On Sunday mornings as well as in outreaches, Rev. R. Elliott normally ministers on subjects geared toward, true revival, spiritual awakening, and living a way of life as Jesus intended for us to live.
The goal is to seize the hearts of those who already have knowledge of the Lord and those who have not yet taken steps of salvation to receive the manifest presence of God in their lives. Being led by the Holy Spirit, often times Rev. R. Elliott will pray for people as the spirit leads, and share testimonies of the goodness of God that leads to a closer and more faith filled life in Christ.

SUNDAY EVENING SERVICES are often nights of “Holy Ghost Nights” with a strong emphasis on the manifest presence of God, his anointing, to touch lives, heal the sick, and see miracles, signs and wonders as away of developing spiritual growth in the believers, healing both body and soul.

EXTENDED MEETINGS (3-7 days, AKA “Revival or Holy Ghost Meetings”): A series of meetings where the Holy Spirit moves in the lives of those who are hungry and thirsty to go deeper in God. These are powerful times of refreshing and saturation. Preaching, teaching, and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit and power in the Lord’s presence that bring real transformation in the lives of many is the emphasis. There have been many times where such tangibility of God’s presence is in the room that many don’t want to leave and services of prayer, worship, and powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit continue for a lengthy period of time. During these times we see so many set free, healed, delivered, and saved because of what Jesus does.

FOLLOWING THE MINISTRY OF THE WORD: the emphasis is on these signs shall follow them that believe and manifestations of the Holy Spirit (signs and wonders) will always follow the Word through praise and worship, praying through the laying on of hands, healing, miracles, prophecy, and a genuine move of the Holy Spirit.

ALTAR TIME: there is a major emphasis on souls. The heartbeat of God is souls coming to his kingdom and giving their lives in surrender and consecration to Jesus. Regular altar calls are given as opportunity for those wanting salvation and re-dedication to the Lord. Additionally, there is a cultivation of prayer and an atmosphere of seeking that lends itself to genuine and supernatural encounters with the Lord.

WORSHIP SERVICES OR NIGHTS OF WORSHIP: Rev. R. Elliott has been leading worship for over 30 years. This time allows for church worship teams to receive a time of refreshing. Rev. R. Elliott and his family come out and lead the congregation in a time of worship leading up to the main message from the pastor of the congregation or to himself ministering the Word if taking the full service(s). Often times, during worship, prophetic songs, words of knowledge, and other gifts of the Spirit will manifest during these times of pressing into the presence of God, resulting in healings, surrendered lives, and more.


Seminars and training (optional features as a separate division of WOLMI)
WORSHIP SEMINARS: Rev. R Elliott and Rebecca will work with church pastors and/or their worships teams in developing a “flow” in worship that generates a spiritual response of receiving from the congregation. Teaching and demonstrations of worship as a lifestyle and to learn how to flow during a worship set will encourage and help congregation members become more involved in receiving of the word of God and power of the Holy Spirit. This is usually something set up during extended meetings or revival weeks, while Rev. R. Elliott is there already or can be offered as a separate training program for churches with existing worship teams and those eager to learn how to bring a congregation to new levels in worship of our heavenly Father.

SOUL WINNING TRAINING: These are evangelistic trainings where Rev. R. Elliott generally comes out to the church and trains up the church on how to effectively win souls to Jesus (lead someone to Christ). These sessions are done to teach personal, outreach, and crusade style evangelism to the entire church as a lifestyle. There is learning and application as an emphasis. Rev. Elliott will teach and then take teams out in the streets and neighboring areas to accomplish this, taking churches to new levels in reaping the harvest of the lost and growing the church. We teach how to overcome fear in the church and to be a voice and comfortably and powerfully share the gospel with anyone. Students are also prayed over for impartation, and taught how to let the Holy Spirit work as Jesus said through the laying on of hands as we go!

MINISTRY BASED WEBSITE, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), and SOCIAL MEDIA BUILDING: Many churches struggle to grow mainly because the community has no knowledge of the church's existence or enough information that will compel someone to come in to visit or contact the church. Though soul winning is the best method for growing a church congregation, common methods such as having a strong website, Google, and social media presence is a huge key to helping churches grow. Rev. R. Elliott’s extensive background in building websites, SEO work, and social media advertising (free and paid) will help take your church to the next level. This could include having him and his team build you a new or fresh website, doing all the research to get the best SEO so web browsers will draw people in organically, advertising on social media, etc. Inquire via email to, subject “web services” for more information and consultation set up.


Rev. R. Elliott Merskin has been serving the Lord for nearly 40 years. He gave his life to the Lord at age of 5, after a specific and personal encounter he had with Jesus. Since that wonderful day, Rev. R. Elliott began a pursuit of God through a life of prayer and a deep dive into the Word of God for growth and understanding of truly living a life in Christ. His family were members of the Pentecostal denomination of the Assemblies of God and he was filled with the Holy Spirit through the evidence of speaking in tongues at age 7. At age 14, Rev. Elliott was introduced to the ministering of a man by the name of Rodney Howard-Browne. Hands were laid on R. Elliott and an impartation of the fire of the Holy Ghost was given to him at that time. So much so, Rev. R. Elliott had to be carried home after 3 hours of lying on the floor, weeping and laughing under the anointing of the Lord. After many hours, woke up only to realize he was carried home and placed in bed at the early hours of the next morning.

From then on until graduating high school, Rev. R. Elliott preached to youth groups, led worship, and saw many great manifestations of the Holy Spirit begin working in and through his life. Through these early life encounters, as a teenager, he knew there was more to God than just going to church on Sundays. At 18 years of age, Rev. R Elliott spoke his first message to an adult congregation on Ezekiel 37, “Wake Up Dry Bones and Rise Up Church”. He knew in his spirit that revival is a lifestyle of power meant for every believer to experience.  "Revival is an outward manifestation of an inward change, that can only come from the Holy Spirit, through what Jesus came to do". That day over three quarters of the church came to rededicate their lives to the Lord and the Holy Spirit moved mightily in the service. Since that day, Rev. R. Elliott left the denomination he was in and began a pursuit of God’s presence like never before as a non-denominational preacher in hopes to bring true revival to the church and unity like never before.

He then, led by the Holy Spirit, was directed to attend a meeting where he ran into Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne again as he preached and ministered in another church. R. Elliott know he needed to join bible school under Howard-Browne’s ministry and be brought into the church he has started in Tampa, Florida, The River at Tampa Bay Church and the River Bible Institute (now River University). This is where, in 1999, Rev. R. Elliott began evangelism training and personally leading thousands to the Lord. Since graduation and then becoming ordained under the ministry of Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, R. Elliott started Way of Life Ministries International based in Denver areas of Colorado. He continues, preaching everywhere the Lord leads, seeing countless salvations, healings, and powerful movements of the Holy Spirit everywhere he goes.


Rev. R. Elliott Merskin has been ministering and preaching in many churches, events, and outreach venues, and LIVE television and network broadcasting regularly for over 35 years, has helped start churches, served in every capacity of ministry, and is a leader and influencor in many ministry endeavors of churches to pursue the presence of God and revival in whatever way it takes.

If you are interested in having R. Elliott speak at your church, conference, or ministry event, call 720-730-7775, email him at or simply fill out the form here: Revival with R. Elliott Merskin.