Reverend R. Elliott and Rebecca Merskin

Founders/Lead Ministers

Ministers R. Elliott and Becky Merskin have served for over 30 years in various capacities of ministry. Predominately in leading worship, singing, and ministering the word, Reverend R. Elliott and Becky pour everything they have (as vessels) out to God, regardless of the how they serve. In return, God continues to overflow His presence into their lives.
Their biggest passion is to allow God to overflow in their lives so they can pour out to others drawing them closer to God. “God desires us to draw near to Him and He promises to draw near to us if we do (James 4:8). The overflow of God’s anointing in our lives is meant just for for that: to demonstrate the power of God that draws men unto Himself”-Rev. R. Elliott.

Rev. R. Elliott first felt the call of God at a young age of 5 years old, was baptized in the Holy Spirit at age 7 only to realize there was even more to God and His holy fire at age 14. Since that day, his life would never be the same. Through the years, Rev. R. Elliott continued to serve God, study His ways, attended bible school, university, and served even more. Rev. R. Elliott and Rebecca are ordained and accountable under the spiritual leadership and guidence of their Pastor Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne of Revival Ministries International in Tampa, Florida. Rev. R. Elliott was first introduced to Dr. Rodney in 1993 during a period of revival meetings held at Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland, FL. This is where Rev. R. Elliott received the fire of the Holy Ghost for the first time and has carried that fire ever since.

In 2008, Revs. R. Elliott and Becky were married, knowing even then, the call of God was still on their lives. God also blessed them with two amazing children, Emma and Asher. June of 2017 was a changing point for Rev. R. Elliott and his family. His vision and dream of ministry came in an amazing way, as God showed him the plans. Since that day, he and Rev. Becky decided they would begin the journey toward ministry. As their vision started to unfold, Revs. Elliott and Becky thought it would take a couple of years to get things up and going, make financial plans, and establish fundamentals for a launch. However, in May 0f 2018 there was a dynamic shift in the atmosphere. Overwhelmed and overflowing in the presence of God, the entire Merskin house was shaken by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Both children were also touched with the fire of God, joy, and new ways they couldn’t explain, yet loved. Asher was also filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. He later proclaimed that when he grows up, he wants to be a preacher. Emma, could not contain the joy of the Lord as she was filled with the Holy Spirit. To this day, she continues to walk around the house worshiping God in song and lifting her hands. While all of this internal revival still continued in each of their hearts individually and as a family, there was an even greater push and shift that occurred on the last day of May 2018.

As Rev. R. Elliott landed back home from a business trip and began his drive home, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. He began to pray, speak, and prophesy as he drove facing the Denver skyline, “I see the city of Denver on fire, I see the city of Denver and all surrounding areas on fire with the Holy Spirit and it is spreading like a wildfire throughout this state.” He continued hearing from God, “It is sooner than you think! I am doing a work sooner than you think. I am calling you sooner than you think to do that which I have called you to do. This outpouring is about to happen on a massive scale. That the hungry and the thirsty will first be filled and it will spread like a wildfire throughout every area, every spot, everywhere we go, everything we do, every person we touch, every person we walk by, every shadow will begin to change and bring a reality of everything God is to the people of this world. Giving them a chance before the end, to turn from their ways, from lust, and fornication, and sin, and all of these things that were of this world. Giving them a chance, one final call, and then the end will come.”

Since that day, the Lord has not ceased from pouring vision and fire into Rev. R. Elliott as he began to seek and pray for direction. Through prayer, fasting, and confirmation, Revs. Elliott and Becky received a launch date of August 19th, 2018 to launch this ministry, to begin all that God has in store. And the best is yet to come . . .